When you want excellent lab services that enable better patient care in New York, look to Quest Diagnostics. We've been providing high-quality testing and services to you and your patients for decades. 
When it comes to health, quality shouldn't be a trade-off, service shouldn't be a sacrifice, and cost shouldn't be a barrier. Watch the video to find out how we're Powering Affordable Care.
Relentlessly innovating so you can do more for your patients
  • 3,500 routine and esoteric tests, including specialized competencies in genetics, infectious disease, cancer, women’s health, and more
  • Clinical centers of excellence deliver advanced tests and patient programs
  • Groundbreaking Clifton, NJ laboratory using state-of-the-art automation that can process 140K samples a day to dramatically improve turnaround time, increase efficiency, enhance quality, and reduce costs. Clifton is transforming diagnostics for 40 million people across New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Delaware, and the District of Columbia

Lab testing at the right price
  • In-network status with most major health plans including EmblemHealth, Aetna®, and Cigna® means low out-of-pocket testing costs for patients
  • Pricing transparency, with real-time cost estimation during the office visit or at our Patient Service Centers
  • Fewer unexpected bills for better patient satisfaction

The convenience that busy New Yorkers need 
  • Over 100 Patient Service Centers in NY, with an expanding footprint in Manhattan 
  • Simple online scheduling and quick results through the MyQuest® app
  • Fast service with or without an appointment 

Tools that help you focus on your patients’ health 
  • Quanum® Lab Services Manager can help you streamline your practice workflow and save valuable staff time
  • Seamless EHR integration helps minimize administrative work and reduce time spent following up on billing errors
  • Consultations for test selection and results with 600+ medical and scientific experts
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In New York, there’s never been a better time to choose Quest. 

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