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Treating the cause, not the symptoms

Finding the best treatment for each patient isn’t always straightforward.
Sometimes there are multiple factors that contribute to a condition. Other times a single underlying cause leads to symptoms across various body systems. Plus, how a disease or cause manifests in each patient varies based on factors like genes, hormonal changes, environment, diet, and other lifestyle components. That’s why at Quest, we offer both routine and comprehensive testing to fully understand a patient's health status.

For example, inflammation has been identified as an underlying cause for conditions in all areas of medicine. However, these diseases are often treated separately by specialists with a focus on alleviating symptoms. An approach that addresses the root cause of chronic inflammation, whether it be exposure to toxins or hormonal imbalance, can lead to lasting improvements in patient health beyond symptom suppression. Here, Inflammatory markers and other specialty testing may be considered when determining the best care path for a particular patient.

One cause, multiple conditions
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One condition, multiple causes
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Learn more with our white paper Finding the source of chronic inflammation with laboratory testing.
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Count on our comprehensive testing portfolio

We provide both routine and advanced tests that help you personalize patient care. Plus, we offer extensive support for your practice, from clinical consultations to operational services.

Holistic insights from one source

Quality testing across all specialties is at your fingertips, so you can address the root cause and optimize care for each patient.

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Testing that supports the diagnosis and management of hormonal disorders

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Advanced inflammatory biomarker testing for differential diagnosis

infectious disease
Infectious disease

Test for resistant organisms and dangerous pathogens

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Routine and innovative esoteric testing for autoimmune diseases

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Assess nutritional status and help identify conditions associated with nutritional deficiencies

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A full complement of testing for metabolic syndromes

Quest now offers micronutrient test panels

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Educational resource
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5 women's health conditions affected
by micronutrients

Watch this webinar for a discussion on how micronutrient levels impact women's health, as well as approaches to testing for, and addressing, micronutrient insufficiencies. Below is a link to the webinar recording.

Watch here
Presenter: Felice L. Gersh, MD
Medical Director, Integrative Medical Group of Irvine
Get tailored support

With our dedicated team, you can easily access medical experts for clinical consult, or our local representatives who are committed to making sure your practice’s specific needs are met.

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Extensive consultative network of MDs, PhDs, genetic counselors, and medical science liaisons

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Responsive representatives to support account setup, customize requisitions, etc

Testing made easy

Our broad test menu comes with support services that simplify the testing process for you and your patients, including a national network of Patient Service Centers, EMR connectivity, customizable workflows, flexible billing options—and more!

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2,250 Patient Service Centers across the country

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EMR connectivity for convenient results

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Broad health
plan coverage

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