No-cost health events throughout Florida where you can talk to a doctor and get confidential lab testing
Lab testing can help you catch health issues before they become serious

Easy lab testing with zero cost to you:

Talk to a doctor at the health event

Get blood tests and measurements of
• Height
• Weight
• Blood pressure
• Body mass index (BMI)

Get your results from the free MyQuest™ app and review them with your doctor

Illnesses like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and sexually transmitted infections can often be treated if you catch them early.
• Safe space to talk with a doctor
• Get needed lab tests
• Catch health issues early
• No cost to you

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Find the Tackle Your Testing health event near you—coming soon

Part of the perfect game plan to tackle routine care that includes:
You, Your doctor, Your health center, No-cost, confidential lab testing with Quest
Lots of people put off testing during the pandemic, and that can be dangerous:
70% decline in new type 2 diabetes diagnoses, 64% drop in diagnostic tests for heart disease, 46% decline in new cancer diagnoses, 39% fewer cases of key sexually transmitted infections
Getting lab testing is key to catching health issues sooner!
Frequently asked questions

Tackle Your Testing health events give you an easy, confidential place to talk with a doctor and get lab testing that can help you catch health issues earlier…all at no cost to you.

  • Go to an event near you and talk to a doctor
  • Get the recommended lab tests at the event
  • Get your results and review them with your doctor

We only collect the information needed to suggest the right lab tests at the event. All information is confidential, and your results will only be sent to you and your doctor.

  • Blood tests, drawn by a healthcare professional and sent securely to a Quest lab
  • Measurements of height, weight, calculated Body Mass Index (BMI), blood pressure

Testing can help you catch health issues sooner, so they don’t become serious. Illnesses like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and sexually transmitted infections can often be treated if caught early.

It’s easy. Sign up for the free MyQuest app to get your test results and share them with your doctor.

Review your results with your doctor so you can quickly address any concerns together.

There is no cost to you for any testing.

Yes. The doctors at the event will recommend the right tests for you, and then you can review your results with your doctor.

Yes. Our staff can work with you to schedule a follow-up visit with a healthcare provider to review your results.

Yes. This health event is free for you and your family.

No. This is NOT a drug testing event.

Yes. Insurance is not required and there is no charge to you for any testing at the health event.

Local partners coming together for your health

Tampa Family Health Centers, Inc. provides quality, caring, and accessible healthcare to a culturally diverse community.

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Feeding Tampa Bay, part of the national Feeding America® network, focuses on providing food to over 1 million food insecure families in the 10-county area of West Central Florida.

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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tampa Bay's mission is to create and support one-to-one mentoring relationships that ignite the power and promise of youth.

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We're focused on your safety

During the health events, we're taking steps to keep everyone healthy.

• Face masks required

• Social distancing

• No-contact temperature checks

• Frequent cleaning

If you have a prescription for lab work from your healthcare provider, Quest has more than 370 Patient Service Centers in Florida with simple online scheduling, shorter wait times, and results delivered right to your phone.
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